Introduce Yourself

Use this topic to introduce yourself to the community! I’ll start:

I’m Jacob Hill, I’m the founder of GRC Academy! I live in Virginia with my wonderful wife and 3 children.

I started my career in an IT helpdesk in 2008, and then soon after that spent 5 years at Marine Corps Systems Command as a government employee. I got my start in cybersecurity while I was there, and have been working in that space ever since!

My current position is a Director of Cyber Operations at a small business called Alamo City Engineering Services based out of San Antonio, TX! We support the DoD, and I’ve been the one to analyze the NIST 800-171/CMMC controls, and have also been the lucky guy to implement and configure nearly everything IT to satisfy the controls! It has been very busy, but a great experience!

I’m excited to hear about everyone else!

Jacob Hill